Sherwood Dungeon Clan Code of Conduct

Clans are a big part of life in  the Sherwood Dungeon MMORPG.  They can make the game lots of fun.

This site sets out a code of conduct  for clans to help keep the fun in Sherwood.

If you or your clan supports this Code  please add the ClanCode badge to your personal or clan web site.  Below you will find the Clan Code and details of how to add the Badge to your site.

Clan Code of Conduct

Clans will

  • Encourage respect of other players and groups.
  • Support groups who encourage respect
  • Not discriminate against members or potential members
  • Not permit members to trash talk.
  • Discourage bullies.
  • Discipline members who show disrespect
  • Refuse to engage with clans who do not agree to this code.

ClanCode Badge

To add this badge to your personal or clan website follow the steps below..
  1. Right click on the badge.
  2. Save the badge to your own computer.
  3. Upload it to your clan or personal website.
  4. Add the image to the front page of your personal or clan website
  5. Make the image a clickable link back to this website.
  6. Enjoy.

Badge made by Roadkill.